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Çalışmıyor/not working

Oyun benden para aldı fakat yüklenmiyor. Dikkat edin. App took the money but it is not downloaded. Be careful.

Terrible costumer service

Used to love the game but got a new phone and upon re-downloading the game, I lost all my progress and all my purchases. I have reported it many times but no response whatsoever. Terrible costumer service!


So, I love the game. Great ideas (I was going to write other review but the App Store "accidentally" deleted it).But theres something wrong. So I had to wipe my phone and back it up then re-download my stuff. So when Ski Safari loads I go and open. Then it shows me the tutorial. I was like "huh, okay I guess with the wipe it reset some stuff like that." So I started a run, and when I collect my first set of coins it says "-51,370 coins" So I was like "What the ****?" And when I finished my run it said my rank was "Pack Leader" yet I already was past the rank "Wing Man" Please fix this so I can give it a 5-star! Update: Everything is working normally!! I only give it four stars because of some of the impossible tasks or those that require buying things from the store to complete means you cant really get much past the rank of "Bat Man" Other than that the game is mostly good.

Sweet Downtime Game!

I love this game. Not much more to say. To those who are looking for a new purchase, dont do anything stupid and you have a good game!

Awesome, fun game!!!

I love this game!!!! So much fun!!!


Fun game to play. Good time waster!


I love this game! I play it whenever I am bored. Its is addicting! I think that the costumes cost a lurk too much, but I dont mind.


Love this game! Very entertaining and fun to play!

very good game!!!!!!

i really play it you never get bored

Ski+Safari= Super Fun Game! Tiki Time Clarebear

Let me just say this game is awesome and doesnt have much in-app purchases, which is the best part. Im a kid and cant spend money because I have a parental lock system, but you can earn coins on your own and that is great. But one thing, I can get bored with this easily. Its the same routine over and over again - Sven wakes up, crashes, gets up, boards a penguin... yeah yeah. Make it more unpredictable please! Anyway, great app, I love it.

Ski Safari

This game is really cool. I wish they would add more missions because I just got through beating this game what they need is more stages, snowmobiles, outfits and all of that then the game would be more fun. What Ski Safari 2 has is what the first one shouldve had the first one is all they need. Not sure why they made a number 2 but Ski Safari is one of the coolest games!

Long Time Player

I got this game as a Christmas gift 3 years ago and have loved playing it ever since.


Cant say enough about Ski Safari. Lots of variety for a lasting game. This is my new favorite game. Way cool with lots of fun action. One cant go wrong with Ski Safari. Get it now.


This game is absolutely amazing and full of fun. You have no reason not to get it!


Bien rigolo

Nice game

Good game with a nice definition - have never been skiing with so much skill and unconsciousness - Thanks brendan and Shawn - awaiting fututre creations...!

Une appli genial

To p top top top top top top top top top top otp top yop top toP


This fuc**** game for a little price, this is awesome ! Dont delete anything in that game, but please add Dinosaures update !


Jurrasic map is missing. Please translate to french


Même bug, le shop ne saffiche pas...

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